Our Modern Kitchen Update

Our Modern Kitchen Update
We have lived in our house for about 4.5 years and never did much updating to it. We bought the house already renovated but the kitchen, over the last few years, had become slightly out of date. 

Blush Home Accents

I'm currently in the process of redecorating my home so many of my days are spent searching the internet for the perfect home accents. Since I have a thing for pink, I've put together a list of my favorite blush pink decor pieces.

My Office Gallery Wall

pastel gallery wall prints
I've had so many of you DM me on Instagram asking about my gallery wall, so I wanted to put together a complete list of every print in this gallery. If you need a smaller gallery wall, you can customize your own by selecting only a few as all of these prints mix and match very well.

Living Room Wall Art + Spring Decor

Living Room Wall Art + Spring Decor
PASTELS + FLORALS This is the first edition of 527 Photo's color palette inspiration! Thanks for being here. It's no secret - pastels and floral...

5·2·7 Photo + Alumitiles

travel wall art peel and stick metal tiles
I recently discovered Alumitiles and instantly fell in love! The hanging process was so simple. All I had to do was peel the backing off the adhe...

The Pink Accent Chair You NEED!

amazon pink modern accent chair
PERFECTLY PINK When I came across this chair, I knew I had to have it! Would you believe it's from Amazon?! It works perfectly with my artwork an...

The Book Nook by At Home With Ashley Blog

at home with ashley blog

If you follow @athomewithashley on Instagram, you know she loves pink! We are a match made in heaven.

My Office Transformation // Before + After

feminine home office design ideas


That's actually an understatement. My office looked like a tornado had blown threw and I just couldn't deal anymore. A year and a half ago, I quit my corporate job to pursue building a photography business. At first, I just needed a place to sit and edit photos but over the last year, it's grown from simply editing to running a successful business. My room with a computer evolved into an office space with shipping boxes, photography studio equipment and so, so much more. This neat freak realized one day she was working in a disaster zone and it HAD to change.