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Cabo's Secret Beach You Have to Visit

secluded beach cabo


If you're planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this summer, don't miss Cabo's best kept secret...


A secluded slice of heaven!

lovers beach cabo


Getting there is easy. Visit the marina downtown and look for a tourism kiosk. They'll try to sell their sunset boat cruises which are quite expensive, but decline and ask for a boat ride to Lovers Beach. It should cost about $20 USD roundtrip. You can also book a boat at Cachet Beach Club.
We met our boat driver at the marina and he shuttled us down to the beach to catch our ride. The boat ride was about 20 minutes and he dropped us off right on the beach. On the way there, you'll stop at El Arco de Cabo - the famous arch at the southern most tip of Cabo San Lucas - for a photo opportunity.

best beaches in cabo


Go early. We visited at the end of January and got to the beach around 10am. At this time no one was on the beach yet. We left around one and a couple dozen people had filtered in. The beach is quite large, though, so even with two dozen people, it still felt very secluded.
secluded beaches in cabo san lucas


There are no facilities on the beach so bring towels, water, and food. There isn't much shade either so if you need an umbrella, this might not be the best beach to hang out for a while. 
Consider the current before getting in the water. The under toe can be extremely strong.
Bring some Dramamine if you get seasick! The waters can be choppy and even 20 minutes of boat rocking made my stomach queasy.
Let your boat driver know what time to come pick you up. Stay 30 minutes or hours! It's up to you.

I hope you visit this lovely beach during your stay in Cabo! It truly is something to experience.

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