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Affordable Picture Frames

Affordable Picture Frames in All Sizes
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I get a lot of questions about where to find affordable frames and frames in odd sizes like 8x12 and 12x16, so I've put together a list!


Great for the price and framing odd sized prints

Craig Frames has every frame size imaginable and in several colors. These frames are made of wood and are high quality. With over 34,000 sales, they're doing something right!

non standard size picture frames

 11x17 White Frame 12x18 Gold Frame

They also have mats in many sizes and colors at an affordable price.

cheap frame mats


Great for the price, size selection, and 2 day shipping

My favorite standard size frames are from Frametory on Amazon. I have several of the black frames in my home and the gold frame is what I used to display all the prints in the print shop.

These frames are metal for a more modern look and feel.

Affordable gold frame 11x14

Affordable Black Picture Frame 11x14

modern black frames

SHOP - Frametory Black Frame 11x14 inches


Rose Gold Frame 16x20

Affordable 24x36 gold frame




Great for the price

You won't find many odd sizes at Target like 11x17 inches, but they have some beautiful frames at excellent prices. 

11x14 gold frame

8x10 White Frame

16x20 wood frame

18x24 white frame


Great for odd or custom size prints

I recently wanted to print an extra large size print for my kitchen but framing for large prints is SO expensive - I'm talking in the $600+ range. I didn't want to spend that much, so I scoured the internet and found Frame It Easy.

What I loved about Frame It Easy, was that I was able to completely customize my frame from the size to color and they even offer non-glare acrylic, which I highly recommend getting. It wasn't too much more and it makes the print look high end.

You can also add a mat on smaller sizes at an additional cost.

I ordered the largest size before shipping jumped from $40 to $240. This print in my kitchen is size 50x33 inches with the 93 Metal Satin Black frame.

The cost with printing my own image, the frame, and shipping was only $254. If you just order the frame, it is cheaper.

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Affordable custom framing extra large prints


I'm always on the lookout for beautiful frames at affordable prices so if you see something you think I'd like let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by and happy framing!

cheap custom framing


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